• Northwestern Wyoming
  • Established February 26, 1929
  • 485 square miles

The Grand Tetons rise straight up, with no foothills. They are jagged. They preside. They call out something from the creatures in their vicinity. It turns out that although oldest rocks at the mountaintops are more than half the age of planet Earth, the range itself is geologically young, because it’s on an active fault, constantly being pushed skyward. Seven of the range’s peaks top 11,000 feet; Grand Teton itself stands at 13,770 feet.

In the valley below the Tetons is the lovely Snake River which, in the right seasons, is excellent for fly fishing or river-floating. People share the valley with sandhill cranes, trumpeter swans, elk, pronghorn, bear, and moose, all of which you can see and experience, if you know where to go. The town of Jackson Hole is nearby.

What We Reveal

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