• Northern Washington
  • Established October 2, 1968
  • 1,075 square miles

The Cascades Range are a huge and jagged mountain range that some have dubbed the American Alps. They reach from northern California to British Columbia; the North Cascades National Park Service Complex encompasses just a piece of the whole range. But even though it is just a small piece of the range, it’s a huge park. It is often the case that encountering the most significant things in life silences a person. From that perspective, there’s not much to say about the North Cascades. Perhaps the best and truest response to the mountains is simply silence. And to be silenced can be one of the most profound human experiences. Which is precisely why we recommend coming to the North Cascades National Park, and staying a while.

There are more than 300 glaciers within North Cascades’ boundaries, and another 400 in the general vicinity. It’s not common to think of Washington state as being one of the snowiest regions on the planet, but in fact this area of the Cascades is just that. A road leads up and into the park, with a sweeping view of Mount Shuksan and many of the other peaks. From there it’s up to travelers to get out and explore.

National Parks Revealed can help you really make the most of your trip to the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. We will put together a custom itinerary just for you, that will give you all the time you want to do whatever you most want to do in the park. If you’re not sure what you most want to do, we certainly have suggestions and recommendations. As always, we will arrange for you to stay at the best accommodations in the area.