• Southwestern Texas
  • Established June 12, 1944
  • 120 1,250 square miles

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many other national parks as packed with diversity as Big Bend National Park. This is a park bursting with life. Douglas fir and all sorts of cacti, white-tailed deer and spiny softshell turtles and black bears, canyons and rivers and desert and mountains. More species of birds have been seen in Big Bend National Park than in any other national park. Over four hundred species of birds! There are also more species of cacti found here than in any other national park. Some of the most rare wild species of felines live in Big Bend National Park: ocelots, jaguarundis, and jaguars.

Big Bend National Park derives its name from the huge bend in the Rio Grande that borders the entire southern rim of the park (and separates it from Mexico) and then veers north before turning south again. The Rio Grande has created the Santa Elena Canyon, that is 1,600 feet deep, as well as the Mariscal Canyon, and Boquillas Canyon. The Chisos Mountains, located in the center of the Park, look out over thousands of square miles in northern Mexico. And there are several hot springs, including the most well-known, Langford Hot Springs. Big Bend is home to some of the least densely populated counties in the United States, and while its remoteness make itone of the most challenging national parks to access, that same remoteness also calls travelers into a deep stillness, solitude, and wonder.
National Parks Revealed will create a custom trip to Big Bend National Park that takes into account your particular interests in the Park. We can arrange for “flightseeing,” of the Park with a pilot who worked for many years as a park ranger at Big Bend. We work with private guides who can accompany you as you drive and hike in the park, acquainting you with sweeping vistas, prehistoric fossil beds, and present wildlife. We can create an itinerary that includes a rafting or canoeing trip down the Rio Grande. We also recommend combining a trip to Big Bend National Park with a trip to nearby art galleries, where we can arrange private tours. And, as always, your trip will include luxurious accommodations.