• South Dakota
  • Established January 9, 1903
  • 45 square miles

All 129 explored miles of cave passages exist within a single square mile of surface mile. The passages, in other words, aren’t what we normally think of when we think of passages. They’re a three-dimensional labyrinth. Considered to be sacred by the Lakota, the huge cave remained unexplored until the late 1800s, when intrepid white folks stumbled onto the area. Brothers Jesse and Tom Bingham noticed a small hole in the ground, whistling. It was the cave’s natural entrance; another entrance was discovered almost a hundred years later.

What perhaps most stands out about Wind Cave is its underground beauty. According to America’s National Parks, “Impressive as it is, the sheer size of the cave system pales beside its beauties, expressed not in stalagmites and stalactites as in other caves, but through boxwork and, also, needlelike gypsum crystals in clusters that radiate from the cave floor; calcite ‘rafts,’ thin sheets of calcite that float on the surface of a subterranean lake; ‘cave popcorn,’ small, bulbous growths of calcite on the walls; and amazing ‘frostwork,’ needlelike growths of calcite or aragonite that grow into big, gnarled, twisting, bushlike, branching growths like trees.”

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