• Oregon
  • Established 1902
  • 286 square miles

Crater Lake was formed in the wake of massive volcanic explosions. The violent eruptions and ash created a beautiful scene, with 2,000 ft. mountains surrounding the deepest lake in the United States. The lake itself is 21 square miles of vividly blue water, set in the now dormant volcano called Mount Mazama. The park sports some of the cleanest air in the United States of America, as well wildlife like bobcats, eagles, and black bear now populate the area surrounding Crater Lake. The flora includes vibrant wildflowers, and the towering Ponderosa Pine. The clean air means that travelers can see up to 100 miles away in certain parts of Crater Lake.

Hiking is the main attraction at Crater Lake, the main reason because of the aforementioned views. There are quite a few trails, surrounding the entire lake and the national park.

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