• Western Colorado
  • Established October 21, 1999
  • 50 square miles

Schists, genisses, pegmatites: the exotic-sounding rock that forms Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Some of the formations that make up Black Canyon are among the oldest rocks on the planet, dating back more than 1.7 billion years. The canyon that forms the Black Canyon is, at its deepest, over 2,000 feet deep, and at its narrowest, only 40 feet wide. Hikers, kayakers, backpackers, fishers, expert climbers, bird-watchers, cross-country skiers, and snowshoers all enjoy Black Canyon.

National Parks Revealed works with private guides to ensure a very special trip to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, or we can recommend routes through the park for clients who wish to visit the park on their own. We also arrange for luxurious accommodations in the area.