• California
  • Established 2012
  • 38 square miles

Our nation’s newest national park, Pinnacles National Park is located east of the Salinas Valley in Central California, about 5 miles east of Soledad and 80 miles southeast of San Jose. The park’s namesakes are the eroded leftovers of the western half of an extinct volcano that has moved 150 miles from its original location on the San Andreas Fault, embedded in a portion of the California Pacific Coast Ranges.

The park is divided by the rock formations into East and West Divisions, connected by foot trails; there is no through road that connects the east and west entrances to the park. The east side has shade and water, the west has high walls. The rock formations provide for spectacular pinnacles that attract rock climbers. The park features unusual talus caves that house at least thirteen species of bat. Pinnacles is most often visited in spring or fall because of the intense heat during the summer months. Park lands are prime habitat for prairie falcons, and are a release site for California Condors that have been hatched in captivity.

National Parks Revealed will help you make the most of your visit to Pinnacles by creating a private custom itinerary tailored to your specific wants and needs. We work with local guides to help you make the most of your visit. We will suggest driving routes, local restaurants, and of course we know the best and most luxurious accommodations in the area. We recommend combining a trip to Pinnacles with visit to Monterey and/or Carmel, plus a road trip on California’s legendary Highway 1 through Big Sur to Santa Barbara and/or Los Angeles. Or you can consider combining Pinnacles and the California coast with a visit to Yosemite National Park. Contact us and we’ll begin discussing exactly what you’re looking for.