• Southern California
  • Established October 31, 1994
  • 1,235 square miles

We at National Parks Revealed would like to offer a challenge for anyone up to it. We suggest journeying to Joshua Tree National Park and then spending an entire day sitting in one place looking at the wildflowers. Life is short. Would it not be amazing to spend one whole day actually absorbed completely in wildflowers? The truth is that the longer you sit in one place looking, the more you see. There is so much more going on in a simple landscape than it seems like there is. Joshua Tree can seem sparse, even deserted. But the longer you sit, the more you see—the more you see how teeming with life it all is. And the more you see about yourself. That’s our challenge. If you take it up, be sure to send us a postcard and let us know how it went.

Meanwhile, here are a few facts about Joshua Tree National Park. Temperatures in the park can rise above 110 degrees in the summer and descend well below freezing in the winter. And yet, the amazing Joshua Tree survives, perfectly adapted to its place. The tree was named by Mormon pioneers who passed through the area in the mid-1800s and thought the tree’s raised branches looked like the arms of the Jewish leader Joshua, from the Bible. The park is full of animal life: 250 kinds of birds, 52 species of desert mammals, three amphibians, and 44 species of reptiles. Perhaps most amazing of all, the soil itself is alive. The top layer of soil is called crytobiotic crust: it’s living soil composed of blue-green algae, other algae, fungi, mosses, and bacteria. In other words, Joshua Tree National Park may be in a desert, but it’s full of life.

National Parks Revealed can help make your visit to Joshua Tree very special. We’ll put together a custom itinerary that will allow you to spend as much time as you want in Joshua Tree. You may just want to drive through park and see the amazing trees, or you may want to stay a while. Either way, we’re here to suggest routes and activities, and perhaps to pair you with a local private guide. We recommend combining a visit to Joshua Tree with a visit to other regional national parks, and we can put together the perfect trip for your wishes and needs. And, as always, we arrange for luxurious accommodations in the area.