• Northwestern Arizona
  • Established November 12, 1971
  • 1,900 square miles

It’s impossible to ruin someone’s first visit to the Grand Canyon by saying too many good things ahead of time. Talk up the Grand Canyon as much as you want and it will still stun you the first time you visit. It will probably stun you every subsequent visit too. The Grand Canyon is impossibly big, impossibly colorful, filled with sandstone structures that looked like they had to have been carved by magical spirits. The mighty Colorado River rushes through the bottom of the Canyon, and lots of whitewater rafters rush right along with it.

What We Reveal

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Canyon every year, and they tend to congregate at the most common overlooks. National Parks Revealed can help you explore the Grand Canyon in ways that leave you joyful and wonder-filled, rather than exhausted by the crowds. Depending on your wishes and needs, we will arrange for a helicopter flight over and into the Grand Canyon, a mule ride down to the bottom of the Canyon, a privately-guided tour of the Canyon’s southern rim, and a behind-the-scenes tour to visit galleries and sites not accessible to ordinary travelers. In addition to visiting the main overlooks, our guides take guests to the lesser-known, but equally-gorgeous vistas, and know all about the geology, flora, fauna, and wonderful stories of the Grand Canyon. We can also arrange for a float trip in the calmer parts of the Colorado River, or a whitewater rafting trip down the rapids!

We recommend combining a trip to the Grand Canyon with a visit to the absolutely magical landscape of nearby Sedona, and possibly with visits to a few of the many other national parks in the American southwest. We can arrange for jeep tours of the red rocks around Sedona, balloon excursions, star-gazing expeditions, and just plain old relaxing by the pool. We know the best places to stay, work with the most engaging and interesting guides, and look forward to putting together for you the perfect trip!