• Alaska
  • Established 1980
  • 1,050 square miles

Although it is the smallest national park in Alaska, Kenai Fjords is nonetheless a most impressive arctic wonderland. The park’s fjords were cut by massive glaciers, many still in the park (over three dozen). Located at the edge of the North Pacific Ocean, the park is dotted with jagged cliffs and peaceful coves. There are many animals, like puffins, otters, falcons, eagles, moose, and sea lions.

Unlike many other Alaska National Parks, Kenai Fjords is fairly accessible, being a short distance (by Alaska standards) from Juneau. The crown jewel of the park ids the Harding Icefield, 714 square miles of ice up to a mile thick. The Icefield feeds over three dozen glaciers and is the vestige of a massive ice sheet that covered most of Alaska in the Pleistocene era.

The lands surrounding the fjords are home to over two dozen land mammals, including moose, black bear, wolverine, and coyote. The fjords are home to 10 marine mammals including harbor seals, Stellar sea lions, sea otters and more. Some 20 species of seabirds nest along the coastline, including the photogenic puffin.

The easiest access point into the park by vehicle is Exit Glacier, 13 miles northwest of Seward. The more remote sections of the park are accessible only by boat and plane. National Parks Revealed will help you make the most of your visit to Alaska and Kenai Fjords. We work with veteran local guides who are committed to operating sustainably operated tours to help you make the most of your visit. Many of our guests often combine a trip to Kenia Fjords with Glacier Bay National Park and/or Denali National Park. Contact us and we’ll begin discussing exactly what you’re looking for.