• Alaska
  • Established 1980
  • 5,130 square miles

In 1794 when Capt. George Vancouver sailed the Alaska coast, Glacier Bay did not exist, as it lay beneath a sheet of glacial ice thousands of feet thick. Since then, the ice has shrunk back 65 miles in one the fastest glacier retreats on record. It’s no wonder many scientists call Glacier Bay a living laboratory as it is a very new creation in terms of our Earth. Glacier Bay is accessible only by boat or plane. It is home to seven tidewater glaciers that calve. And when they do, the sound is called “White Thunder” by the Tlingit natives. Take a boat through time to the behemoth glaciers, while you look on the newly growing spruce forest on the south side of the bay. New trees and vegetation grow slowly in the new land that has been revealed, which is now home to wildlife such as wolves, bears, moose, eagles, and mountain goats. The waters are home to humpback and killer whales, harbor seals and harbor porpoises.

The Bay is a marine ‘highway’, only accessible via boat or airplane. The season in Glacier Bay is relatively short, running from late May to mid-September. May and June have the most sunshine. National Parks Revealed will help you make the most of your visit to Alaska and Glacier Bay. We work with only the best small expedition yacht operators who have decades of experience in Alaska and are committed to sustainable operations. Contact us and we’ll begin discussing exactly what you’re looking for.