family-travelAs any parent will attest, when the kids are having a ball, so too are mom and dad (and/or grandparents, aunts, uncles). And family travel and our National Parks go together like well, peanut butter and jelly.  We have designed dozens of custom itineraries for families, with accommodations, activities geared to the wants and needs of families who want that artful blend of activities, challenges, chill-out time…time to observe and learn and time to just have fun and play.

As any traveler or guide book will tell you, it’s one thing to merely see a place versus truly experiencing it. Many of our family adventures include the services of one of our private guides. To say they are often what our guests often cite as the reason why their trip was so extraordinary is no exaggeration. Our guides provide a wealth of expertise, years of experience, insider knowledge and special access. They help you to get acclimated and grounded so you’ll get so much more out of the days when you’re on your own.

We—and our expert guides—know it’s often the little things that make the difference between an okay time and a great family adventure vacation. It’s why your guide will have hot chocolate and snacks for the morning wildlife drive and walk. Or a really cool collection of DVD’s, artifacts, spotting scopes in the van for the kids to enjoy. It’s also why we provide detailed driving directions with suggested family-friendly dining suggestions, attractions, and places to pull over, stretch the legs and take that perfect family photo for the next Christmas card.

Your family adventure should not be a race from scenic vista ‘a’ to scenic vista ‘b’. Instead it is time to slow down, relax and treasure what are sure to be timeless moments together. To embrace and enjoy the unexpected, such as a ‘bison jam’ on the road in Yellowstone. We design family trips at the right pace, we match our families with the right private guides, and we cater to special needs, interests and hobbies.

Our kids (and we) absolutely loved our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. They were exposed to a magnificent place they’d not yet seen. This was an amazing escape from our normal hyper-drive lifestyle. Being without cable and the Internet was such a blessing. By day we saw bison, elk and moose. The thermal landscape of Yellowstone was simply other-worldly. We loved the rafting, horseback rides, and hikes with our expert guides. The kids went fly fishing for the first time in their lives. At night, we listened to music, played board games, gazed at more stars than we’d ever seen. The precious time we shared as a family reminded us what matters most.
Elisa Phillips