We are the only company with the expertise, connections and relationships that can design fully customized active vacations in the National Parks and National Monuments in the western United States for active, curious and upscale travelers and their families.

The NPR staff and our team of private guides has thoroughly researched, vetted and experienced the parks, hotels, resorts and lodges that we feature in our itineraries. We know the best trails, ‘hidden gem’ spots, where to go to get away from the crowds. We have the insider and exclusive access…and we obsess over and embrace the details. These are but a few of the elements that make your vacation experience with NPR as magnificent as the national parks we take you to.

Every vacation we create is personalized to the specific wants and needs of our guests. We combine customized itineraries that feature…

  • Privately guided touring and activities by vehicle, air, horseback, raft and more
  • Upscale best-in-class accommodations in hotels, lodges, ranches and camps
  • Special access to and exclusive tours of museum collections, archeological and Native American sites
  • Customized programs created for families, children and those with specific interests
  • Private SUV and air charter services in and between parks
  • Arrival, departure, pre and post lodging and touring arrangements

Contact us or your travel agent today. We will give you not only a more upscale vacation than you thought possible in America’s wilderness but a much deeper, richer experience from which you will bring back home newfound or rekindled perspective, compassion and understanding¬—surely a gift vastly more precious than any photograph or souvenir.